Sortbroged Pig - What is it?

In former Tierpark Warder (now called Arche Warder) held, bred and I received a breed of pigs that can be seen only on the 2. view as unusual since 1996. It involves the old black.stained Danish Landrace in Denmark "Sortbroged Pig" called (white with black spots).


The special thing about these pigs: Many individuals contribute to the lower jaw near the neck approach two so-called "Pom". In the absence of a common German name for this old pig breed I originally introduced as a director of the zoo Warder called "bells pig". Only about 1/3 of the bells pigs have those bells on the neck: either both sides or only on one half of the jaw.


Otherwise, these pigs are as many Landschwein breeds white with numerous - sometimes more, sometimes less - smaller or larger black spots all over the body spread. The founder population in Germany (1 + 2 boar sows) I acquired in 1996 by the only Danish Pet Park (Danmarks Husdyrpark) on the island of Funen, near the city of Bogense. A year later another pair was purchased from there. The entire remaining inventory of these old Danish country blow breed that has managed to survive in their old genetic constellation as unspezialisiertes pasture pig is held by Mr Gorm Benzon, the owner of the pet park for many years in all the year round free range there.


Mr. Benzon and his family have made it their life's work to get old historically grown Danish livestock breeds of posterity as a living cultural heritage and to preserve it as a valuable genetic reserve for agricultural animal husbandry for the future. Even the type of farming there is unusual for agricultural and economic aspects. On a 5-hectare forest and grazing land, which is limited by a number of e-fence-rows, running currently around 160 of these pigs. The bell used by the pigs surfaces can be moved by moving the e-fences in overgrazing. Basic principle of this extensive pig farming (all year outdoors) is in recent years in Denmark, but also in Germany, became fashionable outdoor entertainment.


However, at Gorm Benzon family herding has not been operated in basically economic reasons. Rather, it is in this case to preserve the world's entire remaining gene pool of this ancient breed of pig that is only operated there and the pet Lelkendorf and in half a dozen private farms in its pure form, which have come together to form a conservation breeding and marketing ring.


The pigs use the Danish domestic animal park, the entire area for natural grazing and wrapping the pastures. All typical behaviors such as rooting, soil-wrap, Grazing, on stilts or


Trees scrub, wallow in mud holes and ranking fights unsubscribe at any time. A Beifütterung the inventory is necessary because of the high impurities. Especially by use of the enclosure made of straw-bale as "adventure playground" for pigs, in which track these small animals such as insects, larvae, worms, rodents, amphibians, etc., creates a particularly attractive for pigs "Behavioral Enrichment". In addition, the small animals tracked an important additional source of protein. And on top of that the handling of these straw bales promotes diversity of pigs activities. Even piglet litters are placed outside their shelters like these torn apart straw bales.


Unusual is especially good tolerability of numerous, different age pigs within this large stove Association. Almost 50% of the stock are boars, including 20 high-ranking determined Eber, but obviously the Rangordungs ​​hierarchy - once fought - accept.


Exactly these largely stress-free family sense can also be observed in the breeding group in the pet Lelkendorf. The boar and the other sows attend occasionally, but always exquisite, the new piglet litters and can be "nervous" of the piglets, while the mother-sow in the meantime be able to meet their feeding needs at rest.


But what is now the pompoms or bells of pigs mean?


It is clear, ...

  • that are pure Hautausstülpungen
  • that they do not contain glands
  • that they have no role in the present-day population of bells pigs.
  • that wild pigs - so their wild prototype - such Hautausstülpungen my knowledge anywhere in the world possess.