Extinction  means forever …

Our environmental problems  dramatically  increase! During   the following 10 – 20  years  a giant loss of animal and plant species  has to be expected. We have to realize, that  the  diversity of  animals and plants  on this  earth will get  stronger  reduced than the massive Dying-Out  of Fauna and Flora during the Earth-Middle-Ages.  On the other hand we have to be able to feed 8 billion  people in 30 years  as a consequence  of the explosion of  human  population. A struggling between  the network of  Biotope Protection  as a green  lung  of the Rest-Nature  and the intensive  forms of  Agricultural Use for feeding the humans  is heavily going on. Germany and more than  170 countries worldwide  did sign the Rio-Convention (1992) for the protection of Biodiversity. Besides that the  German Animal Protection Law  controls the keeping quality of wild  and domestic animals.



What are we  specially working  for ?


  • For the conservation of foreign old and  endangered  Domestic Livestock Breeds in Germany as living  Animal  Genetic  Resources,
  • For a  chance  of these animals to survive  in  Rare Breeds Farmparks, Arc Farms , Zoos  and with  private  breeders.



We want to help giving  Ancient  Domestic  Breeds  a new home, spreading them  to as many breeders , institutions and  organisations as possible. Besides that  we  do instruct and advise  people in  Rare  Breeds Parks, in Arc Farms  or just in private  home for rare breeds.


We search register, coordinate breeding and help spreading internationally rare and endangered breeds being kept in Germany.





Many of the  round about 8300  Domestic Breeds  are already extinct. Today we weekly loose one or two breeds worldwide.  Like  extinct  wildlife the  vanishing of domestic  breeds  leaves a gap in our environment.

Ancient  and  Rare Breeds,   kept on our farms for centuries, influenced  the character of our landscape  and they are optimally adapted  to their special local  surroundings. They are hardy, vigorous, disease resistent and  have no  problems  with winter conditions.  Their variety should not be lost  because of the breeding of few, uniform high performance breeds. The great variety is steadily decreasing  today.


This trend must be stopped now : Because …

  • Ancient  Breeds  are an important part of our cultural heritage and are worth  protecting as much as  historic buildings.
  • Their various genetic material builds an important pool for the  breeding of farm  livestock, which should not get lost.
  • They are a prerequisite  for an animal- and environmental-friendly  agriculture.


You want to support our preservation work further ?


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