In December 2004, the "International Society for livestock breeds diversity in Germany" (GENUVI) was founded as a non-profit organization. The company serves the conservation and breeding coordination fauna stocks, in particular the promotion of internationally rare and endangered old livestock breeds that are kept in Germany and not on the "Red List" of GEH (Society for the Conservation of Old and Endangered Livestock Breeds) are supported. 


The new company will be races for this contact point, contact, advisor, coordinator and facilitator breeding of animals for breeding better rotation (live gene reserve). The existence and scope of the stocks should be (if available) or reported to important breeders in the racial origin countries as potential breeding reserves to the racial breeding centers. In addition, the Company may be the owner of livestock, by acting as a sanctuary for certain breeds of small populations, their offspring are then passed on to members. 


Not only German, but also many foreign breeds in Germany are threatened by extinction. For example, White Park Cattle, Fjällrind, Telemark cattle, Cachena cattle, British Longhorn, Tadschikenziege, Bulgarian long hair goat, Girgentana, Juan Fernandez-goat, Rotkopfschaf, Houtlandschaf, Hissar sheep, Martina Franka-ass, Posavina- horse, Polish Konik, Turopolje pig, Sortbroget pig (Danish "bells pig"), Meishan (Chinese pig mask), Belgian Bart rabbits, New Guinea singing dog (Hallstrom dog), Ronquieres-turkey, Klätscher dove etc.


is linked to the Internet forum " ANIMAL " ( Various initiatives for the conservation of old and rare breeds ), whose founder and operator , Herwig the mountains , also a member of our society.


recognized now more than 46 foreign breeds and more than 670 holders of such breeds is estimated that over 6300 animals.


stands breeders , competitors , owners and people with advice and assistance and supported the formation of an information and exchange network to the safeguarding of different races.